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MOHENJO DARO – Movie Review

Posted by Vivek on August 22, 2016 | No Comments

Director – AshutoshGowarikar
Producer – Sid Roy Kapur
Cast-Hritik Roshan, KabirBedi, Pooja Hedge
Music – AR Rahman

Every year there is one film which completely falls flat against the expectation. At least till August of this year, that film is Mohen Jo Daro. So much potential. For a subject that is close to every Indian and Pakistani, the writer and director have complexly miss the point. What they have presented is a revenge, father son, masala Bollywood potboiler.

It starts of with full passion and excitement and then the love of the film Bahubhalli takes over.

The songs, dialogues and photography, why even the special effects, are very ordinary and almost tacky. Sad, since films are a visual medium at the end of the day, and none of that gets more emphasized in a film of such stature. Imagine a Ben Hur or a Ten Commandments, playing like a family video game. That will tell you the impact, or the lack of it.

From an acting point of view, Hritik and Kabir stand out, this is their stage. But with a weak story, which totally mismatched expectations, it also makes for a very boring and slow watch.

And once the story is weak, then all sorts of things start to highlight themselves, like average VFX.

Also the length is way too much and the leading girl, Pooja’s, ability, way too little

Best to have the Fast Forward button on this one



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