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A FLYING JATT – Movie Review

Posted by Vivek on August 28, 2016 | No Comments

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline, Kay Kay Menon, Amrita Singh and Nathan Jones

Director: Remo D”Souza

Producer: Balaji Motion Pictures

This is India’s attempt at the Superhero genre and who better than the Children’s favorite, Tiger Shroff, to enact the part. This is however, a story of a reluctant and scared Superhero. He is scared of heights, is not able to get to listen to him during martial arts class, is unable to even become the son, his mother aspired to have.

But circumstances instill super powers in him. The film has its moments even then, he is a Superhero who continues to be scared of heights, would rather watch his TV with his remote than save the world, despite his costume being selected and stitched by his mother. These moments highlight the film.

Fine acting by Kay Kay and Amrita enhance the experience.

But the story is what takes away from the excitement of a Superhero film. It is neither very entertaining, even from the children perspective, and, almost appears like a mix and mash of many stories being pushed into one.

Acting wise, the Superhero cannot hold the audience, dance and martial arts wise he can, but this is no Akshay Kumar who can do martial arts for the film audience.

The music is average and despite having an international star, as Nathan Jones, of Mad Max, as a very effective Raka, the film is not able to sustain on account of a very weak script.

The VFX is very shabby and does not look close to being real, which again robs the visual appeal potential in a super hero film.

Overall – If the children insist, spend that ticket money, else pass on it




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