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A Few Words With Singer Kamal Khan

Posted by Vivek on November 16, 2016 | No Comments

There is a new Khan on the scene. An emerging vocalist and musician from LA. Originally from the UK, we got to meet with KAMAL KHAN ( at a recent event in LA. Over to the singer and actor.

Q1) What got you into singing?

A1) My grandmother, growing up in East Africa, as far back as I can recall, taught me a few songs. She used to sing Punjabi folk. So the seeds were put into me, by her. I grew up listening to Rafi, Kishore, etc and would hum their songs as a young kid of 7-8 years old. In London, I got an opportunity to sing at the Royal Albert Hall, at the age of 11. Got into Musical Theater, West Side Story and have not looked back.

Q2) How come you got attracted to the Film music, as opposed to Bhangra, which was and continues to be all over the UK?

A2) Exactly (smiles). Bhangra was huge, in fact one of my producers was part of the Alaap band. Although I speak Punjabi, my passion was more towards Bollywood.

Q3) On your idols?

A3) Sonu has been a huge inspiration. I like how he has taken his journey, from Rafi songs, to making a mark as a global sensation, while still staying true to his form. Elvis is another huge inspiration. Have performed his House of Blues and many other songs. Liked his sheer vocal talent and the way he connected with the audiences of his music and songs. I fuse some of my Western classical training with some Bollywood songs.

Q4) Do you miss the vibrant scene of UK?

A4) I was there last summer. Have played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and although theater does not pay that well, love it the most, for its complete and uninhibited interaction with the audience. But I respect and admire film too and the way I look at it is, to be here in the heart of Hollywood and bring some of that theater and merge it with a potential opportunity in film and what better place than Hollywood, for it.

Q5) Challenges you see as someone not born here, but attempting to make a career here?

A5) It is a tough environment not only if you come here from the UK, but from anywhere in the world. You got to have a combination of passion and patience. More than the pure talent, you have to really be ready to network, put yourself out there and constantly look to broaden your horizons. But the opportunities are out there and I don’t see the fact that I am not born here, as a blocker.

Q6) You Dad was a doctor. Any regrets not having taken the traditional path?

A6) I recall my Dad getting a letter from my school saying that you son is spending a lot of time on a play where I was playing the lead and the choice of classes I had taken, would prevent me from becoming a Doctor, but Dad and Mom were all about, choose your own path and really try and excel in it.

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