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Running Shaadi- Movie Review

Posted by Vivek on February 20, 2017 | No Comments

FILM – Running Shaadi

PRODUCER – Ronnie Lahiri, Shoojit Sircar


WRITER – Navjot Gulati, Amit Roy

CAST – Amit Sadh, Tapsee Pannu, Arsh Bajwa, Birjendra Kala

MUSIC – Sandeep Madhavan, Anupam Roy

Like all trends in Bollywood, the one that refuses to ebb is of films about middle class people with middle class dreams set in small towns with a lot of small towneriness crowding in the chaos. Amit Roy’s Running Shaadi plucks a leaf from the very same tree but with its juice and colour intact.

The story revolves around Ram Bharose (Amit Sadh), a Bihari boy working in Punjab and Nimmi (Taapsee Pannu), the feisty daughter of his Punjabi boss. They have a fondness for each other that develops into an unspoken bond that leads to a winding freeway of plot happenings and un-happenings as both run towards their own union.

There is nothing much to the plot than a bunch of gags, spoofy and cute in a boyish way. And the always-in-trend setting of weddings and love marriages. It has too many twists and turns and too much happening at once, nonetheless it is fun, in a somewhat homely way.

The film gets a lot of the freshness from its lead pair, Amit Sadh and Taapsee Pannu, both unaffected and extremely comfortable in their characters. They share an easy camaraderie as well, in their contrasting characters. The remaining cast is suitably quirky with Arsh Bajwa as Bharose’s friend Cyberjeet and Brijendra Kala as his uncle adding their idiosyncrasies deliciously to the mix. The regularity of the exteriors and interiors of the film too lend a certain relatability to the proceedings, a warmth of familiarity that keeps us in even when things are not that interesting.

With a very local and unabashed humour, the film manages to endear itself to the viewer. The gaze is an intimate gaze, and the eye is on making fun of oneself and this becomes evident in milking of all the Punjaabiyat in the film. All the famous Punjabi stereotypes are freely used to poke fun at itself from the standpoint of, ‘we are like this only’. It’s cheesy but it’s true and, well, fun to watch what we are onscreen.

Fatema Kagalwala

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