About Us

About Us

We love Cinema and people who are passionately involved in the art of good story telling.We believe, there is more to Indian entertainment than old school Bollywood. We like to talk, write, review, and report anything worthwhile about Indian Entertainment.

We like to know about the significant others of the Entertainment business and their stories.
We started this webzine believing there are people interested in knowing about the changing face of Indian Entertainment, the Emergence of New Age Cinema, the outreach of Indian Television, which attracts more eyeballs globally than all the Bollywood films put together.

We are very happy to say that we found 16 million(and growing) of us out there, supporting and encouraging our vision.


Barkha Madan


A finalist in the Miss India contest, 1994, went on to become a runner’s up at the Miss Tourism International at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia,1994. That altered the course of this Army background class topper. Hence modelling and films followed. Making her debut in the very successful, multi starer Bollywood film, KHILADIYON KA KHILADI, with the likes of Akshay Kumar, Rekha, The Undertaker.

Barkha continues on in her acting career splitting it between some high octane performances on the big screen (BHOOT, DRIVING MISS PALMEN and SOCH LO) and on the small screen (GHAR EK SAPNA, SAAT PHERE, SANJAY KHAN’S 1857,etc)

When she is not dazzling the silver screen, Barkha is holding Reiki workshops across the globe, having her hand made candle exhibtion and also travelling from Dharamsala to London to LA to Mumbai.

Barkha has recently started a production and distribution company, Golden Gate Creations LLC, which serves as the parent of Indianentertainment.info
As she readies for her next film project, Barkha decided that the last remaining unused hour in her vanity van cannot be wasted for the late coming actors and, will now be devoted to being an Editor of Indianentertainment.info, where her Eng Literature Hons, qualification will be put to good use and at tested at times.

Vivek Kumar


If a person qualifies as a Chartered Accountant, from India and a Certified Public Accountant, from the US, he is now ready for something really creative, that is catching people who do creative things with their accounts. In that great tradition, when he is not keeping CEO’s out of jail and reporting the bad guys to the authorities and studying human “extreme emotions,” via their taxes, Vivek, uses his UCLA Screenwriting certificate, as the contributor of Indianentertainment.info

Being thrashed around on the tennis court, readies and prepares him for the battle of “going after filmis,” and their “types.” When not scripting characters from thin air, he can be found trying to get some of the “thinness” onto him, in the gym or travelling between SF, LA, Toronto, London and Mumbai

Vivek puts his business acumen, or the lack thereof, to use, as the co founder of the film distribution and production company, Golden Gate Creations LLC.