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7 Hours To Go - Movie Review

7 Hours To Go – Movie Review

Director: Saurabh Verma            Cast: Shiv Pandit, Varun Bhandola, Himanshu Malik, SandeepaDhar, NatasaStankovic                           Production: Nitika Thakur,   DoP: Milind Jog   Saurabh Verma is the quintessential new age filmmaker. His first film, Mickey Virus, just by it’s name, took Indian cinema worldwide and now with a name like 7 hours to... 

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FAN - Movie Review

FAN – Movie Review

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan Director : Maneesh Sharma Producer: Aditya Chopra/Yash Raj Films Cinematography: Manu Anand , Editor : Namrata Rao and Music : Andrea Guerra Fan is a story of obsessive behavior of the Delhi mind. Any observer of Indian cinema and its heartthrobs will quickly realize that the real industry is in Mumbai, but the real fans are in Delhi. Maybe because it is not very often that... 

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KI & KA - Movie Review

KI & KA – Movie Review

Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor Written and Directed by: R. Balki Edited by: Chandan Arora A liberating concept, inconsistency in script. The film flies high in the very beginning and takes you into the world which as per the Bollywood of 70s was blasphemous and preposterous. Can a woman address her husband as ‘tu’? Can a woman on a daily basis eat food and drink tea prepared by the husband?... 

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ROCKY HANDSOME  - Movie Review


Director – NishikantKamat, Cast – John Abraham Screenplay – Ritesh Shah, Cinematography – Shankar Raman Are you the famous movie – Kill Bill’s fan, well I am, This one which is an official remake of the Korean film – A man from Nowhere, bears resemblance to the former in its style, action scenes and pace. The only difference, Kill Bill had a powerful underlying emotion and subtle performances... 

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Kapoor and Sons - Movie Review

Kapoor and Sons – Movie Review

Director: ShakunBatra, Producer: Karan Johar Cinematography: Jeffrey Bierman Cast: Rishi Kapoor, RajatKapur, Ratna Pathak, Siddharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Fawad Khan The Indian family system is talked about worldover. The Indian family system can also make you wear all kinds of baggage. So we get to meet the dysfunctional Kapoor’s whose only sane member is the eldest one. The children carry some... 

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Jai Gangajal - Movie Review

Jai Gangajal – Movie Review

Jai Gangajal – Much Potential But Badly Scripted Director and Writer: Prakash Jha, Music: Salim and Suleiman, Cinematography: SachinKrishn Cast: Prakash Jha, Priyanka Chopra and ManavKaul Recently a lot of Prakash Jha films suffer from the “I know exactly what is going to happen next,” syndrome. Jai Gangajal is no different. It’s timing was also off. The film presents a leading character to... 

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TereBin Laaden Dead Or Alive - Movie Review

TereBin Laaden Dead Or Alive – Movie Review

Cast: Manish Paul, Piyush Mishra, SikanderKher and Pradhuman Singh. Director & Writer: Abhishek Sharma. Producer: Aarti Shetty and Pooja Shetty Deora. Editor: Chandan Arora Although a sequel, the good news from an audience perspective is that you don’t need to have watched the first one to follow this one. Having said that, it does give substantial references to the first one. The film is a complete... 

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Aligarh - Movie Review

Aligarh – Movie Review

Director- Hansal Mehta, Producer – Sunil Lulla, Writer and Editor – ApurvaAsrani, Music – Karan Kulkarni, Cinematography – Satya Raj Nagpaul, Cast – ManojBajai, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rajkumar Rao   On the big screen, less Is more, Aligarh is a shining example Making a film on any legal case that is sub judice is not allowed by the courts and now we know why. A master director with the help... 

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NEERJA - Movie Review

NEERJA – Movie Review

Written by Atika Ahmed Farooki Director: Ram Madhvani Producer: Fox Star Studios Screenplay: SaiwynQuodras Music: Vishal Khurana D o P :MiteshMirchandani Editor: MonishaBaldawa Bitter experiences in the past make us a stronger person and in Neerja’s case a broken marriage coupled with her family’s support carved a hero out of her. Its very challenging for a director to base a whole film on a plane... 

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Actors: Sunny Deol, Soha Ali Khan, Tisca Chopra and Om Puri      Writer and Director: Sunny Deol The 90’s have given way to 2016’s and India has become more modern, but the big city continues to have its problems with crime and the criminal so to counter that, Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) is required once more. A sequel in the true sense, in that it takes clippings from the old version, to establish... 

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